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Pick n Peel & Afia

Kevian Kenya, a local manufacturing company of, among other products, Afia and Pick ‘N’ Peel juice has dominated the JNSD sector in the country for over 20 years and has spread its wings to serve the Eastern Africa region.

Kevian Kenya sought clarification on the audience their products served and brand perception vs brand promise. Kevian Kenya needed a continuous customer-centric, data driven approach to not only reach the right people but in addition supplement their marketing activities and enhance customer loyalty.

To achieve this, we carried out a research activity to define the consumer’s perception on the brands which guided the development of individual digital platforms to cater to the distinct needs of the audience of each of the brands.

We established a strong, relatable, authentic brand presence and in turn built an active community of engaged users.

We achieved this by creating content that defined the distinct brand attributes of each of the brands, running digital campaigns and supporting on-ground brand activation.


6.8 M aggregate reach on social media over a 12-month period

32% average engagement rate per month

30% audience growth rate per month

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