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What’s Good Networks

What’s Good Networks


We expanded our original single channel What’s Good Live TV, to ‘What’s Good Networks- a co-operative platform to support our ad partners by integrating brands with unique content experiences that delight and engage 18-35 urban audiences using a media mix of; original shows, music, fashion, travel, business, arts & entertainment and on-demand radio.

We customize content programs to synthesize with client marketing objectives, working collaboratively to effectively engage new audiences.

What’s Good Networks is an online platform, providing an inside look at African urban youth culture across lifestyle channels including; music, fashion, tech sports and entertainment.  wgNETWORKS features exclusive interviews with artists, musicians as well as behind-the-scenes coverage of events and parties, which emphasize what’s cutting in the street culture of Nairobi.

From the latest tech finds to political insights, to entertaining celebrity interviews and segments on the hottest new street wear looks- wgNETWORKS aims to become the leading digital platform for Africa’s progressive urban youth culture.

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