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Mums Village

A show by mothers for mothers. This show accompanies the popular MumsVillage site and is a helping hand for Mums-to-be and new mothers alike. Hints and Tips, Product reviews and interesting guests & hosts.

Mama Rocks Web Documentary

This series follows Samantha and Natalie Mwekedeli, the sisters behind the best burgers in the 254. They share their story on what it takes to embark on opening their first Gourmet Burger resteraunt.

Afro Politico

2 Guys, 2 Mics, 2 Beers in a Bar. This show highlights Kenyan and African Politics. Hosted by James Smart and Marvin Tumbo. They agree to disagree.

The Hump Show

The Hump Show is hosted by Shiro Le Hero and Barak Jacuuzi. The show get you over the ‘hump’ of the week, and is targeted to the urban youth in Kenya. It brings you the latest news, gossip, music and events happening in Kenya.

Sheng Talk

Sheng Talk is hosted by James and Charles and targeted towards the young audience that uses the urban language of ‘Sheng’. Its a young dynamic show with a solid community following behind it.

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