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The OMK campaign was always going o be complex as the point of this campaign was to highlight the coming together of the 3 different companies, all now under one roof.

Now the companies themselves were still strategising on how they would accomplish this, and so it was always a challenge to get things signed off as there were many people involved.

These commercials started life as ‘infomercials’ and were always supposed to be 5 minutes in length, however the suggestion to make them shorter was welcomed by the client, and we wrote them to be more like 2 minutes.

Therefore they were written, storyboarded, animatics were made, approvals given, filming happened with this in mind.

However, after filming the client felt it was better to have them be 90seconds. This was further revised to 60 seconds, this made editorial quite the struggle.

I am proud that even though these pieces were filmed to be much longer, we managed to edit them and still make coherent stories out of them, even though the stories were often changed dramaticly in the edit. Indeed there were many scenes that were completely omitted.

But at the end of the day, we did get some great opportunities to make some nice looking images.