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OLX Sell It Show

OLX Sell It Show


The OLX Sell It Show was designed to convince Kenyans to buy and sell their personal belongings online when Kenyans didn’t have a history of transacting online.


WGS cast Kenya’s most popular comedian Eric Omondi in a TV campaign masquerading as a reality show called, “The OLX Sell It Show with Eric Omondi“. Feature everyday Kenyans in their homes, selling and buying items for “a bit of extra cash” in scenarios that are humorous and believable.


  • Surpassed OLX 1 year projection in 5 weeks
  • Increased monthly online page views by 400%
  • Increased new ads by 500%
  • The “Sell It! Show” is expanding through out Sub-Sahara Africa and also India, Nigeria and Brazil.

OLX Thematic

Whilst the ‘Sell It Show’ was incredibly successful, OLX wanted to move away from the more tactical & comedy based commercials and make something that shows a warmer side of the OLX experience – To show the real life benefits of OLX.  So What’s Good Studios wrote and produced a series of commercials that were more emotive, rather than tactical.

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